Friday, November 27, 2009

Of Stargate and White Collars

Well, the new Stargate Universe is a big disappointment. This last episode (the last one Curtis and I will be watching) was one of those shows that had a lot of potential and you keep watching it hoping it will get better...and it doesn't...until finally the show is over and you feel icky inside and wished you'd turned it off at the first sign of trouble. Sigh...we will eventually get it! The episode had two bedroom scenes, an affair, a guy who found out he is the father of an illigitimate son and the mother is a dancer, and a gay couple kissing. The producers managed to pack all of that into a 45 minute show. Amazing...and disgusting.

On the upside, Devin (Curtis' brother) recommended a show that Curtis and I have both been thoroughly enjoying--"White Collar." It is basically about a criminal master forger who is let out of jail to help solve crimes. There is a fun side story about this fellow's girlfriend who supposedly left him, but she has left behind all these clues for him that lead up to...something... we don't know yet. Anyway, fun show.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Of Peeps and Turkeys was one of those days...I don't know why but I was bordering on irritable all day. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that Maile, who in the past has been able to stay dry for a week at a time, for some reason the last couple of days can't be bothered to trot herself to the potty seat when she has to go. Cleaning up messes gets old REALLY fast, although I will count my blessings in that we have wood floors that are easy to mop!

In other, better news, I got most of Thanksgiving dinner ready this morning, so I should just have to pop it in the oven tomorrow. Curtis helped with the turkey. I am always nervous about doing turkeys, because they are such a big thing to mess up, and I've only ever done a couple of them. That's the great thing about having someone help you with it--then the other guy can take the blame if something goes wrong with it! Oh yeah, and what's up with the time you are supposed to cook it? Our turkey packaging said about 8 hours at 325 but the oven bag package said 4 hours at 350. Which one is right? Eeks!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hello, Winter!

Well, they say there are a five or six life changing events that cause major stress in people's lives. Curtis and I are doing three of them within a year--having a kid, moving, and changing jobs. I think we are crazy. We have been busy, busy, getting the house spiffed up to sell. I am very grateful for this distraction, as I tend to get the winter blues and it has been chilly, chilly here! San Diego is lookin' so good right about now! Only one more winter of death, baby! (Don't I have a great attitude, though?!) Thank goodness for the holiday season. I don't know what I would do if there wasn't something like that to look forward to!

Life is good, though. I've got an amazing family, and a particularly wonderful husband.

In pregnancy news, things are looking pretty good, relatively speaking. I am 25 weeks along right now. Thus far the baby has only had to have one blood transfusion (thank goodness!), but they are going to start me on steroid shots this coming week to mature the baby's lungs in case she has to be delivered early. I already know Curtis is going to give me a hard time about the steroids. There will be no living with him after that! Hee!Hee!

Anyway, I have not been waxing particularly philosophical lately, so I don't have much to say at the moment. Mostly I am just tired and want to sleep...boring, I know! Wake me up when spring is here!