Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Of Limos and Stolen Flowers

Today was the most awesome day ever. After Maile's preschool, we watched the Erickson kids for a couple of hours. We actually spent the time at the library, where they were in the midst of their summer reading program. They taught the kids the basic cha-cha in the tabernacle next door, then they had a limo parked outside that they let all the kids climb inside of. Very cool! Our little group actually got a half hour "VIP" tour of the limo--we had gone back outside to wait for the Erikson's mom, and the driver motioned us over and let just our group of kids crawl around inside--they loved it! I had a fun time visiting with the driver--he was a very friendly elderly man.

The rest of the day I spent cleaning, since we were having guests from Curtis' work over for dinner. Why is it I always feel like I have to have things pristine when people come over? Maybe if I didn't feel like I have to spend so much time cleaning, we'd have people over more often! Sigh...but, the evening was delightful, no thanks to Maile, who began dinner by promptly knocking over her vase of the flowers she had stolen from the neighbor's yard. Our guests were very gracious though, which I appreciated.

Uggg....I am exhausted, but I know I should go exercise before it gets too late....

Monday, June 29, 2009

Arden is just adorable! My little five year old is so, well, grown up! He lost his first two teeth last week, and greatly enjoyed the results of his visits from the tooth fairy! He's got a dollar burning a hole in his pocket!

My favorite thing though, is the cute little phrases he has been using lately..;"it appears____," or, "Certainly_____", or "Apparently_____." He sounds very sophisticated!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Of Bridal Showers and "Cute Pajamas"

I took the kids shopping with me yesterday for Cherstin's bridal shower gift. I wanted to buy her some fun underwear (I told the kids I was looking for "cute pajamas"). As we walked down the aisles looking, Arden announced, "I know just the thing, Mom," and pointed to a very large, very ugly bright pink bra. Needless to say, we passed that one up! He is definately his father's son. Curtis has been banned from buying me clothes, although I think it's sweet that he has tried. Anyway, after going to several stores without much luck, we finally opted (after consulting with Cherstin's fiancee) to get her some camping equipment, since they both love camping. I think it's better that way.

Wow! Cousin Kristin and Carrie did an amazing job on Cherstin's bridal shower. The food was wonderful!---chocolate fountain, cheese fondue...mmmmm!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Of Maile and GIMP

Awwww....my little girl is just adorable if I do say so myself. (She takes after her Mom--heh! Heh!)

AND...I have found a new hobby! I stayed up 'til way past my bedtime last night messing around with GIMP. (The free version of Photoshop.) My triumph of last night was learning to put "catchlights" in eyes, which really makes them stand out and look really cool! (The photo I posted of Maile is unadulterated, but maybe as I learn more, I'll post some before and after pics.)

Of Lovely Kittens

*sniff sniff* We gave away our first two kittens today. I was surprised at how reluctant I was to see them part! Curtis wanted to keep all of the kittens, but I told him I didn't think that would be a good idea. I'm tempted to change my mind.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Of Temples and Pushups

What a fabulous day it has been. We babysat the Erikson kids this morning for a couple of hours--gave all the kids tractor rides and washed the tractor. It was fun.

This evening was my favorite, though. Our ward was asked to to baptisms for the dead this evening at the temple. Normally the youth take care of that, but girls camp started today, and I think the guys had something going on as well. Anyway, so the adults in our ward got to take over. It's been years since I've done baptisms, and I forgot how much I enjoy it! The best part though, is this afternoon I called all the cousins in town (and fiancees) and invited them to come as well. I was shocked when they were all able to make it, despite (I'm sure) busy college schedules. The only one who couldn't come was Jordan, but only because he was doing an endowment session with his stake president at the same time. Next time...Anyway, I was telling Cherstin that it adds a whole new dimension to doing temple work when you are able to be there with family and friends--people you love. Wonderful night.

In other news, we also had all the cousins up for dinner and games on Sunday night. We all decided we were going to do the 6 week, 100 pushup challenge together. Losers buy the winners a Jamba Juice. It will be nice to have some motivation! I can taste that Jamba now....(-;

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Of Sharks and Sisters

Can you believe Charity let her favorite sister (me,of course!) be eaten by a shark?! Where's the love?!

Of Gas Masks and "Little Sweethearts"

Last weekend...I went to Provo--without the kids--which was (no offense, lovely children of mine) absolutely wonderful! I had the rare and exciting privilege of writing in the Young's "TP" notebook. It is a small notebook they keep by the side of the toilet so when you...uhhh...well...you get the picture. I hope they occasionally sanitize the pen!

I also got to see Dad's "Little Sweethearts" as he calls them. The six molting chickens they bought. Mom was slightly peeved (with good reason I might add) that Dad also refers to her as his sweetheart. Hmmm....

Another exciting thing was getting to go to Uncle Parr's birthday party. We had quite the crew there, with several of the Whites visiting, Ammon Lott, and of course, the Young girls. After Parr blew out his 53 candles, he disappeared into his room, then re-emerged wearing a gas mask because of all the smoke. Cousin Kristin was quite perturbed that her father only owned one gas mask, yet there are nine in her family. Let's hope there will never be a need for the gas mask, though Becca assures me she is the most loved of the daughters, so of course, the gas mask will go to her.

Best of all though, at least to me, was the chance to visit with my brother, Ammon, which hasn't happened for quite some time. What a stud! Are sisters allowed to say their brothers are HOT?! Well, he is. I am also so excited that he is planning on a mission this year. Awesome!

Right now, we have Joseph with us, which has been quite fun. He is a good brother, and the kids adore him.

BTW, anyone want a kitten?