Thursday, June 18, 2009

Of Gas Masks and "Little Sweethearts"

Last weekend...I went to Provo--without the kids--which was (no offense, lovely children of mine) absolutely wonderful! I had the rare and exciting privilege of writing in the Young's "TP" notebook. It is a small notebook they keep by the side of the toilet so when get the picture. I hope they occasionally sanitize the pen!

I also got to see Dad's "Little Sweethearts" as he calls them. The six molting chickens they bought. Mom was slightly peeved (with good reason I might add) that Dad also refers to her as his sweetheart. Hmmm....

Another exciting thing was getting to go to Uncle Parr's birthday party. We had quite the crew there, with several of the Whites visiting, Ammon Lott, and of course, the Young girls. After Parr blew out his 53 candles, he disappeared into his room, then re-emerged wearing a gas mask because of all the smoke. Cousin Kristin was quite perturbed that her father only owned one gas mask, yet there are nine in her family. Let's hope there will never be a need for the gas mask, though Becca assures me she is the most loved of the daughters, so of course, the gas mask will go to her.

Best of all though, at least to me, was the chance to visit with my brother, Ammon, which hasn't happened for quite some time. What a stud! Are sisters allowed to say their brothers are HOT?! Well, he is. I am also so excited that he is planning on a mission this year. Awesome!

Right now, we have Joseph with us, which has been quite fun. He is a good brother, and the kids adore him.

BTW, anyone want a kitten?


Charity said...

Are you guys getting rid of Haiku?

Anna Marie said...

No, we have five kittens at the moment. We wanted her to have one litter before we got her spayed. Or neutered...I can never remember which is which.