Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Of Temples and Pushups

What a fabulous day it has been. We babysat the Erikson kids this morning for a couple of hours--gave all the kids tractor rides and washed the tractor. It was fun.

This evening was my favorite, though. Our ward was asked to to baptisms for the dead this evening at the temple. Normally the youth take care of that, but girls camp started today, and I think the guys had something going on as well. Anyway, so the adults in our ward got to take over. It's been years since I've done baptisms, and I forgot how much I enjoy it! The best part though, is this afternoon I called all the cousins in town (and fiancees) and invited them to come as well. I was shocked when they were all able to make it, despite (I'm sure) busy college schedules. The only one who couldn't come was Jordan, but only because he was doing an endowment session with his stake president at the same time. Next time...Anyway, I was telling Cherstin that it adds a whole new dimension to doing temple work when you are able to be there with family and friends--people you love. Wonderful night.

In other news, we also had all the cousins up for dinner and games on Sunday night. We all decided we were going to do the 6 week, 100 pushup challenge together. Losers buy the winners a Jamba Juice. It will be nice to have some motivation! I can taste that Jamba now....(-;

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