Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Of Limos and Stolen Flowers

Today was the most awesome day ever. After Maile's preschool, we watched the Erickson kids for a couple of hours. We actually spent the time at the library, where they were in the midst of their summer reading program. They taught the kids the basic cha-cha in the tabernacle next door, then they had a limo parked outside that they let all the kids climb inside of. Very cool! Our little group actually got a half hour "VIP" tour of the limo--we had gone back outside to wait for the Erikson's mom, and the driver motioned us over and let just our group of kids crawl around inside--they loved it! I had a fun time visiting with the driver--he was a very friendly elderly man.

The rest of the day I spent cleaning, since we were having guests from Curtis' work over for dinner. Why is it I always feel like I have to have things pristine when people come over? Maybe if I didn't feel like I have to spend so much time cleaning, we'd have people over more often! Sigh...but, the evening was delightful, no thanks to Maile, who began dinner by promptly knocking over her vase of the flowers she had stolen from the neighbor's yard. Our guests were very gracious though, which I appreciated.

Uggg....I am exhausted, but I know I should go exercise before it gets too late....

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