Sunday, November 23, 2008

Impatience is a Virtue...???

Well, my Sweetheart is finally home! Oh, how I miss him when he is gone. I have noticed an interesting phenomenon, however. After he has been on business trips, especially for longer periods of time, it takes him a couple of days to get used to "family life" again. To be fair, it takes me a couple of days to adjust to having my spouse back--I get used to doing things my own way and making decisions on my own! is nice to be together again. Oh, happy day!

We also have Curtis' brother and sister-in-law here with their four children. They are great people, and it is nice to see them after not having seen them for over a year. It is interesting to observe the differences in our parenting styles, though. Definitely very different...

On a slightly different note,I have decided something. A little background first, though. In some of those college classes where they try to prepare you for the "real world" and a "real job" they tell you to be prepared in a job interview for the question, "What is one of your weaknesses?" This is a tricky question, because in a job interview, you are trying to come across as being practically perfect in every way, and heaven forbid, your potential future employer should believe you have weaknesses! Anyway, I could never think of a good answer, until this evening. Now, this is actually a problem for me, and something I need to work on overcoming, but in thinking about it, I believe it could be one of the more "attractive" weakness to a potential employer, and that is, I have a problem when I see inefficiency. I feel like I am a very efficient person when things need to get done, but unfortunately, I get impatient with other people when they aren't the same way. Same goes with timeliness (I blame that one on you, Mom and Dad.) If I am not 5-10 minutes early, I feel like I'm not on time, and when other people are late, it is hard for me to just sit back, relax, and realize that most people probably have very good reason for being late. Sigh...anyway, so patience is something I definitely need to work on!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Of Races and Losing

Oh, I forgot to mention Arden's cute saying for today. We had a race into the bathroom to brush teeth tonight. I arrived last (as usual) and Arden informed me that I was the deviled egg.

Of Girl Movies and Kids On Fridges

Well, I have had a terrible cough the last two weeks, and yesterday I finally caved in and made a doctor's appointment for today. I don't remember the last time I felt sick enough to warrant a visit to the doctor. Wouldn't you know it, I have felt just fine all day today. I feel like I just wasted $80 bucks. Blah. I have to say though, what a blessing it is that we have access to such good medical care.

Painting is coming along well. I got my second coat of maroon paint on my kitchen wall, and tested out a bunch of faux techniques on a piece of poster board. I haven't found anything yet that I absolutely love, but I'll do some more experimenting tomorrow. Arden had fun "helping" me paint during Maile's nap today. I think he mostly enjoyed sitting on top of the fridge, which I had pulled out from the wall. He even asked if he could eat his lunch up there!

Two more days 'til I pick up Curtis! It will be so nice to see him again, despite the fact that I shall have to relinquish the car again.

You know, I have to say, it is really nice to have the car while Curtis goes on his trips, but I think it's a good thing I don't have one all the time. I spend way too much money! I think it's because I don't feel like I have to plan my trips to the store so carefully, and if I forget something, it's no big deal--I can just run back to the store, and usually I find lots of other things I think I need. I am so embarrassed--I think I have been to Wal-mart almost every day Curtis has been gone! BUT--I have vowed not to set foot inside a store other then for groceries for all of December, so I will repent of my bad Wal-mart habit! (-;

The only other nice thing (besides having a car) about when Curtis goes on trips, is that I get to choose whatever I want on our Netflix queue. When Curtis is here, I usually try to get things I think he might also enjoy, but Alli and I are taking full advantage of this time that he's gone in regards to our movie selection. We are watching the "Love Comes Softly" series. We love it! It is by the director of the Little House on the Prairie series, and is kind of that same genre and time period. They are wonderful movies, in my opinion, but they are definately the kind of movie Curtis would mock. (We still love you though, my dear!)

Hmmmmm....what else did I do today?...Oh yes. My friend, Karen, came over today. She was rather upset, because as a joke, one of the Young Women's leaders in her ward had signed her girls up (when her girls had left the room) to decorate the gym for Young Women in Excellence, and had failed to mention it to Karen until earlier today. Karen was not amused. However, being the amazing lady that she is, she tried to make it a positive experience for her girls, and tried not to be upset about it in front of them. Anyway, we all went over this afternoon and worked on it for a few hours, and got it looking pretty nice.

Oh, happy days....

I am thinking about trying to get Curtis to do the abs diet with me. I need to research more about it, but I liked it because (at least from a precursory glance) it seemed like a very healthy, common sense way to make friends with your six pack again. I usually do pretty good at eating healthy and exercising, but Curtis has been desiring to exercise more, so maybe if I offer to do this with him, he'll be more inclined to actually do something! how does one delicately suggest that to a spouse...?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Of Painting and Pressure

Aargh....Oh why was I not born a Texan?! I was so excited to make a great steak tonight, but alas, I am sitting here eating it as I write and my jaw is getting sore--that's how tough it is. I even followed explicit instructions from Charity on how to cook it (who, I am still amazed, knew everything there was to know about the particular cut of meat I bought. In all fairness, she has the added advantage of being married to a Texan.). Oh, well, at least my Roasted Browned-Butter Asparagus with Balsamic Vinegar turned out splendidly. (Thanks, Lynn!)

Today has been a delightful day, despite my sweetheart being gone. (He is on business 'til the 20th.) I had the opportunity to go out with the sister missionaries, and it was fantastic! Living in Rexburg, our chances to do that come few and far between. It is amazing to me how the Lord prepares people to teach his children. For example, a few days ago I spent a lot of time pondering the decision making process, and how to know if feelings are from the Spirit, or just one's own thoughts. I was able to flip right to the scriptures I had been studying to help resolve a concern of the gal we taught. I love that! I also realized a few things. First of all, I HATE when I feel pressured by someone to do something. It really bugs me. I imagine others feel the same, and so it really bothered me that one of the sisters said (and I quote) "The reason we are pressuring you to get baptized is so you can have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost." Aarrgh! First of all, in my opinion, you should NEVER pressure someone to do something of that significance, and if you have to pressure them, there are obviously some concerns that need to be resolved. Secondly, saying something like that puts such a negative connotation to it. I believe that if one is to be baptized, it should be because they are excited and joyous about the things they are learning, and WANT to be baptized. Anyway, enough of that...It really was a delightful afternoon. The highlight of our appointment with this gal was when her roommate bore testimony of the gospel. It was so powerful and beautiful. I love the gospel!

Only six more days 'til Curtis gets home!

I'd better get going on my big kitchen painting project. I am painting it maroon, and I'm going to try doing some sort of faux treatment on it. I am very excited! Kids are in bed...Hasta la pasta!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Of Tofu and Presidents

Curtis called last night before coming home from work, informing me that an old collegue of his was in town. Because of that, he was debating on going out to dinner with her and a group from work, but decided against it since they were going to a sushi bar, and, well, sushi is not really his thing. I didn't have the heart to tell him I was making tofu for dinner. (BTW, Kayla, I loved the recipe--thanks!)

Well, well, we have a new President. Barack Obama. It will be interesting to see what the next four years brings. Curtis believes our nation will become more and more of a socialist society, and I tend to agree with him. But, the populace have spoken...

Oh, I almost forgot to mention--I got a new toy--a disco ball! I am so excited, and I have been working on my dance playlist for weeks now. (I have tried to select music that is easy to dance to, and family friendly, meaning no swearing.) If any of my gentle readers have a suggestion they would like to add to this list, feel free to drop me a line. Don't be offended if your suggestion doesn't make the cut, though. I am pretty selective!

1. Dr. Jones (Aqua) 2. Can't Help Falling in Love (A Teens) 3. Dance With Me Tonight (The Wonders) 4. Cotton Eyed Joe (Starsound Orchestra) 5. The Loco-Motion 6. Pon De Replay, Radio Edit (Rihanna) 7. Zombie Jamboree (Rockapella) .....I'll add more later. I'm getting bored.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Of Deviled Eggs and Spider Webs

Well, it's the big election day! Curtis and I were just reminiscing about when we were teenagers and we would stay up until the vote was determined. I remember laying in my bed with my little radio right up by my ear so no one else would hear it, listening as each state's vote was tallied. I am a little more patient now. Or maybe a little more old and lazy. I am just fine waiting until tomorrow morning to find out who won.

Yesterday was delightful--we invited our good friends the Williams family over for an "election dinner." I made up ballots with different choices for each food course and passed them out to everyone before hand. Each person voted for what they thought we should have for dinner, and that's what I made. Thanks to the Williams, we had a great lazagna dinner! Myron informed me that he wanted to do a write-in for steak, but I told him too bad for him, he must not have campaigned hard enough! Afterwards, we watched a movie of the making of the constitution. I LOVE that movie--it's a full-length version done by BYU, and I have to say, it is incredible, and very well done. Curtis commented that it should be shown in theaters, that's how good it is! My favorite part of the movie is when all the state's delegates are in assembly, and everyone is bickering and arguing heatedly about the issue of representation. Ben Franklin stands up and everyone quiets down to hear what he has to say. He then asks everyone (paraphrased) "How is it that we have forgotton to importune our Creator for help in this matter? If the Maker of the universe sees every sparrow that falls to the ground, surely we should include Him in our efforts to create a great nation..." I love that, and oh, how I love our country. God bless the U.S.A.

In other news, Halloween was wonderful this year. Mom called about a week before and asked if they could come up for a visit. Of course I said yes, but then I had to actually put up a few more decorations then the lone spider web in Arden's bedroom. Curtis got really into it and made a ghost on a zip line, a ghoul by our front door with a microphone in it, so he could make creepy sounds and scare trick-or-treaters, a Jack-o-lantern spewing fog, and, oh, yes, a web cam aimed at our front door so he could watch people's reactions from all of this. Halloween is such a fun holiday! Arden was so cute, because after he got back from trick-or-treating, he would run up to the door when someone rang it and offer them candy from his own basket. Such a cute kid! We dressed him and Maile up as "deviled eggs." Arden really wanted to use the doggie costume Grandma Nielsen sent him last year, but I wouldn't let him because I liked my deviled egg idea. Lest one think I am an insensitive selfish mother, I will say that it was also way too short on him. Maybe I can get Grandma to make Arden another costume for next year. It was really cute, I have to say. It was one she had made for Curtis when he was three and she had saved it for 30 years. Wow!