Sunday, November 23, 2008

Impatience is a Virtue...???

Well, my Sweetheart is finally home! Oh, how I miss him when he is gone. I have noticed an interesting phenomenon, however. After he has been on business trips, especially for longer periods of time, it takes him a couple of days to get used to "family life" again. To be fair, it takes me a couple of days to adjust to having my spouse back--I get used to doing things my own way and making decisions on my own! is nice to be together again. Oh, happy day!

We also have Curtis' brother and sister-in-law here with their four children. They are great people, and it is nice to see them after not having seen them for over a year. It is interesting to observe the differences in our parenting styles, though. Definitely very different...

On a slightly different note,I have decided something. A little background first, though. In some of those college classes where they try to prepare you for the "real world" and a "real job" they tell you to be prepared in a job interview for the question, "What is one of your weaknesses?" This is a tricky question, because in a job interview, you are trying to come across as being practically perfect in every way, and heaven forbid, your potential future employer should believe you have weaknesses! Anyway, I could never think of a good answer, until this evening. Now, this is actually a problem for me, and something I need to work on overcoming, but in thinking about it, I believe it could be one of the more "attractive" weakness to a potential employer, and that is, I have a problem when I see inefficiency. I feel like I am a very efficient person when things need to get done, but unfortunately, I get impatient with other people when they aren't the same way. Same goes with timeliness (I blame that one on you, Mom and Dad.) If I am not 5-10 minutes early, I feel like I'm not on time, and when other people are late, it is hard for me to just sit back, relax, and realize that most people probably have very good reason for being late. Sigh...anyway, so patience is something I definitely need to work on!

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