Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Anal Canoeer

Today we went canoeing down the Henry's Fork of the Snake River. The scenery was beautiful. I discovered something though. I am very anal about how I canoe. I do not like to go sideways down the river, nor backwards. I do not like to canoe right next to the shore--I prefer to go straight down the middle. I do not like to be rocked or splashed--I prefer to canoe in companionable (and relatively peaceful) comraderie and reflect upon the beauties of nature around me. I like to paddle in unison with the other person in the canoe with me. I'm sure it comes from years of singing "Dip Dip, and Swing It Back..." at girl's camp.

In short, I don't think Curtis is my ideal canoeing companion (no offense, dear) and next time, I claim the captain's seat in the back!

Despite that, it was a wonderful trip, and the kids loved it. Sister-in-law Cherstin and her roommate Carrie came with us, and were our entertainment for the day. The got into such a heated water war with each other that they ended up swamping their boat. Ha! Ha!

Of Bustin' up the Party!

Last night we got a call from one of our former Sunday school attendees, who has since moved to Canada but was in town for a visit. He gave us a call and asked if "we" could come up and visit. Of course we were delighted to oblige. We didn't know until he knocked on the door and teenagers kept streaming through that "we" meant him and about seven other guys, most of whom we had never met before. It was a delightful visit, though--Curtis and I love teenagers. They are so full of life and exuberance!

Apparently, the new "thing" for teens to do around Rexburg is go around town looking for college kids who are making out and harass them. Sounds like a worthy (and amusing!) endeavor to me!

Note to self--never lend a family or personal vehicle to your teens--get them a two seater junker! Curtis and I were lucky to get the inside scoop on what happens if former advice is not heeded!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Of Maile and Haircuts

Maile came into my room first thing this morning, as she usually does, and snuggled down in the covers with me for a few minutes before the day started. I got to thinking how cute she looked, especially now that her hair had grown out from Arden's haircut a year or so ago. Wouldn't you know it, an hour later, she popped into the living room for some haircutting advice from Mom--after she had chopped off her own bangs with a pair of scissors she must have found in the computer room. Sigh....

Alex and Joseph (who are with us for the week) think she looks just like her cousin Evelyn.

Of Loving Babies

Well, I now know why I have been so tired lately. Yup! Kid number three will be joining our family. Expected due date; March 3rd, which is actually Charity's birthday as well. We are so excited to have another little one join our family!