Saturday, July 18, 2009

Of Bustin' up the Party!

Last night we got a call from one of our former Sunday school attendees, who has since moved to Canada but was in town for a visit. He gave us a call and asked if "we" could come up and visit. Of course we were delighted to oblige. We didn't know until he knocked on the door and teenagers kept streaming through that "we" meant him and about seven other guys, most of whom we had never met before. It was a delightful visit, though--Curtis and I love teenagers. They are so full of life and exuberance!

Apparently, the new "thing" for teens to do around Rexburg is go around town looking for college kids who are making out and harass them. Sounds like a worthy (and amusing!) endeavor to me!

Note to self--never lend a family or personal vehicle to your teens--get them a two seater junker! Curtis and I were lucky to get the inside scoop on what happens if former advice is not heeded!

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Charity said...

You should know about lending cars from personal experience if I remember correctly!