Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Anal Canoeer

Today we went canoeing down the Henry's Fork of the Snake River. The scenery was beautiful. I discovered something though. I am very anal about how I canoe. I do not like to go sideways down the river, nor backwards. I do not like to canoe right next to the shore--I prefer to go straight down the middle. I do not like to be rocked or splashed--I prefer to canoe in companionable (and relatively peaceful) comraderie and reflect upon the beauties of nature around me. I like to paddle in unison with the other person in the canoe with me. I'm sure it comes from years of singing "Dip Dip, and Swing It Back..." at girl's camp.

In short, I don't think Curtis is my ideal canoeing companion (no offense, dear) and next time, I claim the captain's seat in the back!

Despite that, it was a wonderful trip, and the kids loved it. Sister-in-law Cherstin and her roommate Carrie came with us, and were our entertainment for the day. The got into such a heated water war with each other that they ended up swamping their boat. Ha! Ha!

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phaedrus said...

I still like canoeing with you! I'm just a lazy water traveler, minimal work and the river somehow gets you down the river!