Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Letter From Santa!

The other day my neighbors were telling me that last year they helped their two kids write letters to Santa. They took them to the mailbox and stuck them in. Guess what? Coolest thing ever, the kids each got personal letters back with a little ornament! How neat is that?! Apparently there is this fellow in town who gets all the Santa letters from the post office and writes back to all of the kids. I love it! What a sweet thing to do!

Of The Messiah

So, on a more cheerful note, I have to say, I am SO happy, even despite my disturbed slumber last night. (Hey, I've got an infant--you'd think I was used to being woken up in the middle of the night!)

One of the reasons I am so happy is that I get to perform in the MESSIAH this weekend. Our 100+ voice choir has been preparing for this since October, and not to brag too much, but we sound pretty darn good! Tonight we had our invited dress rehersal, and it was also the first time we have heard all four of our soloists, and the second time we have heard our orchestra. HOLY COW! Amazing! The orchestra members are (mostly) professionals who have volunteered to perform. Our soloists are incredible. There is just no other word to describe them. Jon Huntsman is one of our soloists. For you LDS people, he is the guy who did the Manti pageant. The other male soloist is the head of a music department at a San Diego college, and the women, I can't remember their claim to fame, but WOW! are they good!
I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of this amazing oratorio. I have loved this powerful music for as long as I can remember, and I know it has been one of the most sung Christmas pieces for well over 200 years for good reason.

Anyway, sorry to rant and rave about this. I wish all my lovely readers could enjoy the concert, but please, if you haven't taken the time to listen to this yet this season, get the CDs from the library and pop them in. They will bring a great spirit into your home.


Of Car Alarms and...better not say!

Wow. Halfway through December and no posts yet. I've got a backlog, I know. So let me just start my December posts with a cheerful little note about car alarms, one of which woke Curtis and I (and the entire neighborhood) up last night around two, and wasn't shut off by its owner for nigh unto half and hour.

I despise car alarms, and think they should be banned. There is definitely a cost/benefit issue there, and in the case of car alarms, I think the potential benefit of being a theft deterrent far deceeds the cost of alarms disturbing the peace. I mean, come on, a car is bumped accidently and the alarm goes off. Usually the owner is nowhere nearby. You'd think that the crazy, nay, stupid, alarms would have an automatic shut-off after a certain amount of time. Grrrr!