Saturday, June 27, 2009

Of Bridal Showers and "Cute Pajamas"

I took the kids shopping with me yesterday for Cherstin's bridal shower gift. I wanted to buy her some fun underwear (I told the kids I was looking for "cute pajamas"). As we walked down the aisles looking, Arden announced, "I know just the thing, Mom," and pointed to a very large, very ugly bright pink bra. Needless to say, we passed that one up! He is definately his father's son. Curtis has been banned from buying me clothes, although I think it's sweet that he has tried. Anyway, after going to several stores without much luck, we finally opted (after consulting with Cherstin's fiancee) to get her some camping equipment, since they both love camping. I think it's better that way.

Wow! Cousin Kristin and Carrie did an amazing job on Cherstin's bridal shower. The food was wonderful!---chocolate fountain, cheese fondue...mmmmm!

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