Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busy, Busy

Wow! What a day! Here was my schedule for the day. Dentist appointments at 7:00. Drop Maile off at preschool. Errands. Pick up Maile. Assemble 50 snack bags for the kids' mailbox. Babysitting until noon followed by voice lessons. Start laundry. Go to Idaho Falls for groceries. Stall on my cleaning by playing with kittens. Madly deep clean in preparation for Mother-in-law coming. City meeting about farmer's market--skipped dinner and went out for ice cream with Arden. Came home. Finished cleaning. Welcomed mother-in-law and friend. Caught up on e-mails and facebook, wrote in blog, and soon, off to bed. My favorite time of day. I think my grammar is a little weird in this blog.

Arden's funny quote: (Our neighbors recently aerated.) "Mom, we can't go into their yard, it's a poop yard!"


Charity said...

It makes me tired just reading that! Ellie keeps wanting to know when we're going to go visit Arden. We wish we lived closer!

K La said...

You have kittens now? How many? Are they as adorable as Haiku?