Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Of Peeps and Turkeys was one of those days...I don't know why but I was bordering on irritable all day. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that Maile, who in the past has been able to stay dry for a week at a time, for some reason the last couple of days can't be bothered to trot herself to the potty seat when she has to go. Cleaning up messes gets old REALLY fast, although I will count my blessings in that we have wood floors that are easy to mop!

In other, better news, I got most of Thanksgiving dinner ready this morning, so I should just have to pop it in the oven tomorrow. Curtis helped with the turkey. I am always nervous about doing turkeys, because they are such a big thing to mess up, and I've only ever done a couple of them. That's the great thing about having someone help you with it--then the other guy can take the blame if something goes wrong with it! Oh yeah, and what's up with the time you are supposed to cook it? Our turkey packaging said about 8 hours at 325 but the oven bag package said 4 hours at 350. Which one is right? Eeks!

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Charity said...

8 hours!? Holy cow! I hope you went with the oven bag or that was one well-done bird! Good luck with Maile- hopefully it's just a stage!