Sunday, January 3, 2010

Of Haiku and Anecdotes

Well, I am officially to that stage where I have so much to write about that I don't really want to write at all, but for posterity's sake, I must. I think I will just break it up into little chunks and try to be more diligent about posting. I'll eventually catch up!

First of all, we gave away our cat, Haiku. I got to looking at apartments and houses for rent in San Diego where we are planning to move this summer, and there were very few that allowed pets. Incidentally, the next day, I was looking at the Craigslist "wanted" section, and lo and behold, there was someone who was looking for an adult calico cat to join their family. Purrr-fect! Haiku was a pretty decent cat, but I think we are done with pets for a while. Haiku and I had a cordial understanding of each other, but she played this irritating game where she thought it was funny to jump up on the cupboards or the table, which I think is just germy and gross. She didn't seem to care much that I would squirt her with water or take her out to the garage every time she did it--I am convinced she was conspiring to annoy me! Curtis misses her though--He and Haiku kept each other company when the kids and I were in Arizona last year.

O.K., more tomorrow, since Curtis needs the computer in just a minute, but I at least want to include a few cute anecdotes from my kids. (Arden, age 5 and Maile, age 3)

Anecdote #1; (This happened before Christmas.) We were on our way out somewhere and I opened the garage door to head out to the car. I was behind Arden, but he stepped back and motioned me to go first. Then he ran out to the car and opened my car door for me. I was quite impressed, and asked him where he had learned such good manners. He replied, “I’m just doing it so Santa will bring me lots of presents. I’m trying to be as good as I can.” That’s my boy! At least he's honest!

Anecdote #2: The other day we had gone shopping for groceries. I usually buy Arden and Maile some goldfish crackers, but when I found whale crackers at the dollar store, I thought I would give them a try since they are a lot cheaper. When we finished our shopping, I gave both Arden and Maile a handful. Maile tried one and said she didn’t like it, then threw the remainder of hers in the trash. I asked Arden how he liked them, and he responded; “I don’t really like them. I’m just eating them to be polite.” Ha! Ha! My kids are so funny!

Anecdote #3: Maile and I were sitting together at the table enjoying lunch together. She dropped something of hers on the floor and I told her to jump down and retrieve it. Her response? "No Mom, you get it. You have huge arms!"

Anecdote #4: Today we were driving in the car and Curtis started making weird car noises as he is often wont to do. Maile promptly piped up; "Pigeon at the wheel!" Hee hee!

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