Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Of Our Jungle Adventure

Last week Arden had his first spring break ever! I had planned a "jungle adventure" at our local Americinn, which has some awesome themed suites. A week or two before, I had told the kids we were going to the jungle for spring break. We went grocery shopping for snacks to take on our jungle hike, packed our bags, and were ready to be off. When we arrived at the hotel, Arden said, "Mom, this isn't the jungle!" I told him to wait...and then we went up to our room. When I opened the door, I expected a response of "Cool!" or something similar, but all I got was an exasperated "Mom, this isn't a real jungle". Oh well, we had fun anyways, and the kids want to do it again. (-:

Our jungle picnic on a picnic blanket

Swimming in the "hot springs" (This jacuzzi tub was very cool--the water came down from the ceiling to fill up the tub, and it even had a waterfall in front!

This is a picture of the bed (with rose petals on it!). Curtis decided we will never get a round bed unless he shrinks about a foot. I thought it was quite comfortable, personally!

Here is a photo of the bathroom. I love how they did the towels!

We also got to go swimming in the alligator-infested lake!


I made a bed in the "cave" for the kids (the shower)

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