Thursday, October 28, 2010

Of Right and Left Wings and In-betweeners

Well, crum, crum, crum. I spent all evening yesterday reading through my voters guide to pick out who and what I wanted to vote for, and then at the end of the guide noticed that there is a deadline to register to vote, and sadly, that deadline was October 18th. I guess I assumed when I got my driver's licence that I was automatically registered. Grrrr....

Anyway, this leads me to a conundrum I have had on my mind. I have become somewhat disenchanted with my current political party, as I think they have digressed from what they have historically stood for. I have been leaning more towards becoming an "Independant," as I think their tenents are more in line with my desire to follow the constitution as closely as possible. It's a hard choice in many respects, because none of the political parties match exactly what I am looking for, so I feel like I have to make the choice that matches my beliefs the best. So, my conundrum is thus: when I am voting, do I vote "Independant," knowing that my vote will most likely have no real effect either way? I mean, let's face it, third parties rarely if ever get voted in. That would in effect make my vote completely neutral, perhaps giving the advantage to a party whose beliefs I oppose. If I vote for one of the two major parties, my vote might make more of a difference. Sigh...any thoughts?


K La said...

Yay for Independent!! I'm all about that!

I face the same conundrum every time I vote. I ask myself if it's worth it because my vote doesn't matter. And yet, I have to vote my conscious, or not at all. I have to vote the way I want everyone to vote, regardless if they do or not. I have to hold up my end, even if they don't hold up theirs.

Either that or I just don't register. :)

Amanda said...

Become a "Crunchy Con" like me. Check it out...there is a great book at Cole that I just returned today. Basically an independent conservative. Im learning alot about this, and how it fits me so well. VERY interesting. You would LOVE this book, especially its subjects on homeschooling and healthy eating. It all ties into politics eventually.