Thursday, June 2, 2011

Disaster In Da' House

Don't you just love those moments as parents when you know your kids are wreaking havoc throughout the house, but they are having so much fun that you can't tell them to stop? Right now Arden and Maile are enthusiastically emptying their drawers and toy chest and putting all their clothes and belongings into baskets, which they are moving into another room. They are also gathering every pillow, blanket, sheet, and quilt they can find, with the intent of blockading their doorway so they can no longer sleep in their room. Their plan is to set up a tent in the study and sleep and live there.

I'm already having nightmares about the cleanup and it's not even night time.

Just overheard: Arden to Maile: "Mom says we have to clean this up by Saturday." (Their original plan was to leave it until they were 18.)
Maile: "How come?"
Arden: "I don't know, she's just weird that way."


Toshi said...

You are wired in that way, huh!? Your kids are very entertaining. Hopefully the mess will be cleaned up soon:)

Rebecca and Cody said...

Haha, oh how Cody and I miss those kids! When can we come visit you?

K La said...

giggle giggle

Evaly said...

I totally know what you mean! I'm just cringing sometimes while they build tents to cover the whole house or their pretend play is leading them to bring out every toy they own. But when they are playing nicely, I can't stop them! I don't want to ruin the moment! What a cute comment from Arden :)