Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Of Sushi Smells

Overheard from the kitchen while making some sushi rolls:

Arden: Maile, I dare you to go in the kitchen--it smells so bad.
Maile: Ewwwwww!
Arden: You have to plug your nose when you go in there.

(enter Maile with plugged nose)

Maile: Mom, what is that stuff?

Me: This is sushi. Want some?
Maile: No way! You should feed that to the ducks!

(Apparently this is the ultimate insult for my cooking, which, in my humble opinion, while clearly unappreciated by my kids, is generally not all that bad!)

After wandering around the house with their noses plugged for some time, the kids both decided to sequester themselves in their rooms and take their rests early today.

More sushi for me!

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AC said...

You can make sushi? That's awesome, I love sushi.