Sunday, February 5, 2012

Of Birthday Surprises

So, Curtis was out of town on my birthday, so I expected a quiet evening at home with my kiddoes. To my astonishment, five minutes after I returned home from the park with my little ones, several of my girlfriends showed up at the door, whisked me into a formal gown, and out the door, while Ben stayed with my kids. As we went outside, there was a limousine parked in the parking lot. "How cool, someone is renting a limo!" I thought. I then suddenly realized that it was for me! So yeah, my sweet homegirls rented a limo and took me out to a nice restaurant by the ocean for my birthday. I was so not expecting it, but what a wonderful birthday surprise!

The bottom photo is of my favorite present I got from my beautiful little family--a jar full of reasons they love me! (-: What a sweet thing to get on a birthday! I am so grateful for the wonderful relationships I am blessed to enjoy that make life so meaningful and delightful!





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