Monday, September 29, 2008

1000 Pound Pumpkins

Well, today has been one of those perfect fall days that you just want to bottle in a jar and never forget. After dropping Arden off at school, Maile and I did a little exploring around campus and came across a large orchard behind the Ricks building. You could pick apples and buy them for a buck a pound--not great, but I figured the experience for my kids would be worth a few pounds! I have fond memories of picking apples at the orchards in Illinois every year as a kid, and that's something I would love to pass on to my kids! (Thanks Mom!)

Another perfect fall day happened last Saturday. The beautiful fall weather...I love it! In the afternoon we took the kids to this giant pumpkin weighoff just outside of town. Holy Cow, those pumpkins were big! The event was so nicely done, and the doctor who sponsors it every year had chili and rolls for all. Participants and spectators were invited to bring an item of food to share. Someone had even brought a 94 pound watermelon, which we got to sample! I was so excited to find out that watermelons could actually grow in Rexburg, until I found out the owners of the watermelon had cheated and had brought it up from Utah.

We had gotten a seed for one of these giant pumpkins from this doctor, but I think we were overzealous in our watering, and when I finally dug it out of our pot, it had rotted. Zannen.

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