Saturday, April 18, 2009

Of Gardening and Yardwork

This is Maile working on staining our redwood garden boxes. The kids were great helpers! (Ben, you would be appalled by how much we spent on the boxes and soil--we are calling it a landscaping feature to make ourselves feel better about them. I told Curtis if we ever move, those boxes are going with us!)

The garden boxes turned out beautifully. Picture to follow!

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The Writer said...

Hey, in my mind, you spend all the money you want, as long as you do it yourself.

It wasn't so much that the guy spent $700 on a few planter boxes, because it's understandable if you don't want to experiment with cardboard boxes, or haul a half-ton of dirt home in your car, it was more that the guy paid a ton of money for information he could have gotten for free, and for plants he could have gotten for a quarter of the price if he had spent a few minutes of his time.

And I'll be the second to admit (Child would be the first) that cardboard boxes aren't very pretty. :) If you actually want your yard to look nice, you'll definitely be paying more. Not only that, but your boxes are meant to last more than one season.

Good luck! Post some pictures when they're done!