Sunday, April 5, 2009

Of March Madness and April Fools

Yeah...Curtis is home again! He has been traveling all over the place in the last month--Texas, Florida, California, midwest somewhere...I can't remember...

Anyway, it is nice to have him back. I had to tease him that the only reason he has been traveling so much lately is because he didn't want to miss March Madness and we don't have television service!

April Fools Day was nice this year. Char--thanks for the great ideas in the CCC! We managed to get Curtis a few times before he had to leave on his latest trip! (I gave him a hard time about leaving on my favorite holiday--I think he planned it on purpose!) Anyway, the kids and I taped newspaper over the door to the garage and filled it with paper wads, 2 liter bottles, and a couple of Crocs. We got him pretty good when he got back from the temple! For the kids, I had frozen water in their cereal bowls the night before...I put cereal and milk on top of the frozen water then served it to them. Hee! Heee! Arden quickly caught on to the idea of April Fools jokes, and ran and hid Curtis' work badge. Of course, I got blamed for that one, but it was all him! I shudder to think what he will be like when he is a teenager! That's when it gets dangerous! Another trick I did for our neighbors, the Williams, is my traditional stand-by...the donut holes made out of playdough and rolled in flour. The kids and I bought a box of real donut holes from the store, and I managed to open it without damaging the seal. (-: I swapped out the real ones for the fakies, resealed the box, then gave it to them. Karen said I got three of the kids. Yeah! I kept expecting them to come over, as I didn't figure they would let that joke pass without retribution, but according to Karen, the kids spent all day trying to think of a joke to play back on me, but they couldn't come up with anything. Oh well, there is always next year!

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