Saturday, March 6, 2010

Of Sqibs and Coral Wreaths

O.K., time for some cute "kid" quotes.

Arden's new favorite phrase; "Oh my ham!"
Maile's new favorite phrase; "That is hilarious!"

Arden, Maile and I were sitting at breakfast the other day, and I was eating some leftover Waldorf salad. The kids were asking me what was in it, and I told them one of the ingredients was yogurt. Arden piped up, "I know how to make yogurt salad. You get some salad and put yogurt in it." Maile's response, "Arden you're so clever!"

It is so fun to listen to kids' conversations. Again at breakfast, I was just listening to the kids talk together. Here is how the conversation went:
Arden: Octupuses and sharks are almost the same.
Maile: Octupuses are kind of like squibs.
Arden: Maile, did you know a coral wreath is alive?
Clearly, we will have to take the kids to an aquarium when we move to San Diego so they can learn correct ocean terminology!

Maile is a cheeky little thing. The other day when I told her to do her job before watching a movie she responded (in a very saucy voice); "Besides, you're not the Dad!" I love my girl.

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