Monday, August 30, 2010

Of Artichokes and Garlic

O.K., call me crazy (my kids always do!) but I am so excited about the grocery stores here. Produce is CHEAP! So, just to make you all jealous, let me share with you my receipt from last week. This is what $18 bucks will get you at a grocery store here.

a bag of celery
5 lbs. peaches
2 bags of spices
2 seedless watermelons (yes, two)
a thing of tofu
two red bell peppers
a bag of carrots
2 lbs. grapes
2.5 lbs. pears
a small bag of pepitos
3 lbs. brocolli crowns
7 ears of corn
a jar of crushed garlic
5 artichokes

18 BUCKS!!!!!! Can you believe it?!!

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Mary said...


So glad you are there safe and sound. :)