Friday, August 6, 2010

I Wanna Be Rich! Ooo-ooo, oo-oo-oo-ooo

Curtis and I flew out to Carlsbad the end of June to look for housing. On the way there, we sat next to a fellow who was from Newport Beach. As we visited, we learned that his career is a financial consultant or planner or something for extremely wealthy individuals there in CA. We also found out he was LDS and a bishop of one of the wards there. Anyway, we chatted, and learned some interesting things about money, and perhaps why the Lord doesn’t see fit to give more of it to more of us! This fellow said that he could count on one hand the number of wealthy clients he had who had intact families with good relationships. I was curious, so I asked him if he thought that there was a direct correlation between being wealthy and bad family relationships, or because of other factors. He said it was absolutely because of their money, and the process he went on to explain was quite interesting. Apparently, when one becomes wealthy, one can afford to hire someone to do their yardwork, their housecleaning, their finances…then one decides to hire a decorator to fix up the house just how one wants it. Soon, it becomes all about what “I” want, and selfishness becomes a big issue. Of course that is devastating to a marriage. Not only that, but when one becomes rich, all of a sudden, one doesn’t know who their real friends are, or who is simply trying to pander.

I still kinda hope we might be cursed with riches, but I hope if Curtis and I ever do become wealthy, no one will know except the bishop who we pay our tithing to. I hope I always remember the source of our material possessions, but also remember to put God first!

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