Monday, November 15, 2010

Of Shrimpy Shrimp

I don't much care for shrimp. They are weird looking, for starters, and they're pink. I don't like eating pink critters. Plus, they taste....shrimpy.

Maile, on the other hand, LOVES them. Curtis took her to some party where she had a taste, and now every time we go grocery shopping and we pass the seafood isle, she asks for some. Finally, I gave in and bought her a box of breaded shrimp (the pinkness is more hidden) to share with Curtis and whoever else wanted to try some. After I fried them up, she became the resident expert on shrimp, and it was so cute listening to her instructing Arden in the finer points of shrimp cuisine. ("Make sure you don't eat the tail--it's a bone!")


Charity said...

She must get that from the Nielsen side! Pretty cute.

AC said...

Cute overload!

K La said...

Mangos and shrimp? That girl has excellent taste buds.