Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Of Nuts and NUTS

O.K., I am a little confused. Am I missing something with the whole Costco craze? I don't get it. I just purchased my first Costco card (so I could get nuts--not that we don't already have enough in our family!) and went on Saturday to check the store out. To my surprise, every single parking spot was taken, so I ended up circling the lot a couple of times then went home, thinking I would try again on a weekday, since Saturday was obviously not the day to go. So, I tried again today. When I got there shortly before 10:00, the parking lot was only half full. However, there was a huge crowd of people milling around outside the store, shopping carts already in hand. I discovered I had gotten there 10 minutes before the store opened. I figured that since the place is obviously so popular, the prices on stuff must be amazing. I wandered the isles looking for these incredible deals and....nothing... Everything I looked at seemed more expensive then Wal-mart, and the produce there, which I've heard was wonderful, looked about the same as what I would get at the health food stores I shop at, only again, more expensive. I guess a couple things were slightly cheaper...milk, by a few cents, butter, the same...but not enough to be worth the membership, in my opinion. Again, the nuts I think are a decent price there, but I couldn't see what the big draw is for other items. I am very curious, so if any of my readers are big Costco fans, please enlighten me! Are there amazing deals on some items I am not aware of? Let me know, please!


Amanda said...

I think Costco sucks. Most of everything is processed junk, in bulk, and NOT cheaper. At one point I thought diapers were cheaper, but I priced them out and per diaper Huggies beat them out by almost 2 cents a diaper. I really, and I mean REALLY hate Costco. And, to top it off, atleast in my experience, it isnt a store that you can count on for regular items (maybe the produce and such) but some things they have arent regular and of course you cant buy any specialty items there at all. I thinkn its a rip off, more expensive, and unless you are buying some furniture or something very unique, well, its a waste of time. Oh, and did I mention that noone really seems to get this, and no matter what you tell them, they STILL think its cheaper. Go on then...go on. :) And the parking....dont get me started. I will never in my life shop at Costco again, cross my heart and die.

Anna Marie said...

Ha! Ha! Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that!

Rebecca said...

Well, I just like their uncooked tortillas. But that is why I just have a mum who I go shopping with. Then I don't have to worry about buying a membership I am happy to let you borrow my mum anytime you want to go Costco shopping. :) And we are buying a camcorder there, it saves us like, 80 bucks.