Sunday, May 1, 2011

Of the Bubonic Plague and $100

Time for some fun "kidisms."

We pay high compliments to each other in this household.

Maile to Arden: "Arden, you look as cute as a chicken!"

Our kids' prayers are always so heartfelt and sincere.

Maile in a prayer at Uncle Tab and Aunt Carolyn's house: "Please bless Tab and Carolyn that they can stand it."

Our children are also smart.

Maile to Arden: "Hey Arden, I have an idea. How about I play while you work?"

AND we have taught them excellent business principles.

Arden to Maile--they were selling small ziplock bags of popcorn to the neighbors for .10 a bag: "Maile, how about I get the first $100 and you get the second $100."

They are very loving, as well.

While discussing the bubonic plague in England with them, I tried to illustrate how many people died (3 out of every 4) by telling them it was like Arden, Dad, Enoch, and Leila dying from just our family. (A little off, I know--it was easier that way!) Maile piped up and said, "Mom, how about you die instead of Dad, 'cuz I like Dad."
Thanks child. I love you too.

We haven't heard many quotes from Leila yet, for the simple reason that she can't really say more then a couple words, but here is a little update for her.

She is not walking yet. Our upstairs neighbor--a big, tough black guy--affectionately calls her "Crawly Crawly" and is always telling me she should be crawling already, and asks why she isn't. I told him we would be sure and have him down to our house for a demonstration and celebration as soon as it happens! Personally, I am not encouraging Leila walking, because I know once she walks, well, it won't be walking, it will be running, then I will have to be doing a lot more running as well!

She has also picked up this awful, loud screech, which she likes to demonstrate in the middle of church.

She loves baths, so much so that the other day after I had gotten her bathed and dressed for bed, she went back into the bathroom to puddle in the water while Maile finished her bath. She got so enthusiastic in her splashing, she flipped right over the edge of the tub into the water, fully clothed! She got a second bath that day.

We love our little ones and find so much joy from their (mostly) delightful little personalities.

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Rebecca and Cody said...

Haha, the plague. Haha. Awesome. Love you guys and miss you all a lot! I sure hope we can come see you sometimes soon :)