Sunday, October 16, 2011

Haunted San Diego Tour

Friday night we took the kids and some of their friends down to Old Town San Diego, which is, believe it or not, known as one of the most haunted towns in the USA. We learned a bit about the history of many of the "haunted" buildings that were built in the 1800's, saw the old graveyard on San Diego Ave., and saw several other houses that are purported to be haunted. We even saw a page mystically turn on an old book, a few ghostly people floating about, and, creepy, our car, which was parked across the street from the cemetary, had it's dashboard lights flicker all on their own until we were well away from the cemetary.

I love the power of imagination.


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We ate some yummy Halloween treats, as well!




If any of my local readers would like me to e-mail them my research notes and a map of the different buildings, send me an e-mail!

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Shauna said...

Um I would! Would you recommend the haunted stuff? Sounds fun to me!