Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trek Part One

Well, I know it has been a long time in coming, but here, FINALLY, are photos of our trek this past summer. What a wonderful experience this was, with many poignant moments that gave one a great appreciation for the hardships the early pioneers went through. In reading through one of Curtis' ancestors' accounts of the trek, one thing that impressed me was his mention of all the fun times they had and humorous moments, despite having to leave their homes to trek across the western frontier, and many of them starving and freezing to death. I think a great lesson can be learned from this. Certainly our trek was no different in terms of humorous moments! We only had to endure dust, wind, mosquitoes, and a few blistered feet and sore muscles, but fun and good times abounded. Sticks pulls, square dancing, fun river crossings, kidnappings, etc.One thing that was especially neat to me was to see how much the teenagers stepped up and really were the backbone in getting our handcarts to our destinations each day. Lots of other things I could write about, but before I get on to the photos, many thanks to Anona for taking little Leila (that was a HUGE blessing for me!) and to Aunt Joan for organizing this wonderful trip!Oh, and by the way, look for us as "extras" in a video about a South African lady in between sessions of next April conference!*********************************************************************************And I am related to these hooligans?! I thought it was funny how the kidnapping attempt petered out pretty quick after the kids started fighting back with sticks!
I think the kids are so cute in their little outfits.
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