Monday, May 14, 2012

My New Love

Oooo, I am so happy. I have a new favorite food--Coconut oil! It is so melt-in-your-mouth delicious! I dare say it even surpasses butter, in my opinion, which for me is saying a lot, since I am a confirmed butter brat! Even better, it is actually super healthy, and has a two year shelf life! I will be buying this by the gallon, and eating it by the spoonful! I have already made homemade lotion with it...lovely!


Rebecca and Cody said...

So, I am interested in this, never tried it, but from what I understand it has TONS of saturated fat. Is this one of those things where the taste or other benefits outweigh that? Let me know, I always want to learn more things!

Anna Marie said...

Hey Becca, from what I understand, this particular fat is composed of medium chain tryglicerides which the body does not store as fat in your body, and actually uses to get rid of the bad fats. The big stink about it back in the 90s was because all the experiments done with it used hydrogentated coconut oil, which is terrible for you. (The hydrogenation, I mean.) You want to get virgin, unrefined. Many of the health articles I read recommend getting 2-3 tablespoons a day. YUM! Just google "health benefits of coconut oil" if you are interested in more of the amazing properties of coconut oil.

Rebecca and Cody said...

Sweet! It sounds awesome. Where do you get it? Is it kind of like xylotil and you can't get it at walmart? Do you order yours online? I got this email about buy one get one free. Let me know :)