Sunday, December 28, 2008


Here is Alli trying to shovel her way out of our driveway so she can get to work!

Here is Curtis with the kids, shoveling off our deck.

So, I have been trying not to be too negative about the weather, but I have to vent a little...PLEASE, POWERS THAT BE, NO MORE SNOW! I know I shouldn't complain too much because we really could use the moisture, but I am so sick of shoveling. The snowplow comes down our street and leaves a huge pile of snow in front of our driveway and mailbox, every single time he comes (which has been every day the last two weeks!). Friday Alli couldn't get to work on time because in three hours of shoveling, we only had a small pathway through the pile. Thank goodness for our wonderful neighbor, Brady Gardner, who came and dug us out with his snowblower.

Speaking of snowblowers, Curtis and I decided that a snowblower was no longer a want, but a necessity. Unfortunately, I think everyone else in the nation thinks the same, as no one seems to have any available. Anywhere... We will have to get one earlier in the season next year, I think!

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