Saturday, February 14, 2009

Of Kids and Chefs

Today has been exhausting. Not bad, just exhausting, as I have had the three kids since bedtime last night. They really are great kids, but let's just say I was happy when their bedtime rolled around. Dave and I had done a bit of scheming a couple days back which resulted in him and Charity packing off to Mesa for some Valentine's R&R (I sent them off to "pick up something from the store," after I had secretly packed Charity's overnight bag, along with some cheesecake and Martinelli's in Dave's trunk--lovely, if I do say so myself!). Anyway, so I have been the nanny today. It really has been a nice day, and the kids and I had a fun time together building forts, having a pillow fight, playing outside, etc.

Anyway, changing the subject, I have yet to report on our "Iron Chef: Hamburger" competition from the other night, which was awesome, and great fun! Sadly though, my secret talisman (the cool Chef's hat) did not help me win. Curtis and I tied for second place. We were one point behind team Charity and Dave. )-; However, on the bright side, I did win first place in the "taste" category!

Here are the pictures of our finished creations. Curtis was at a bit of a disadvantage because he had never seen the show and we neglected to explain "plating" (sp?) to him, but nevertheless, he was very creative in his mountainscape presentation. All the food was so yummy, and this is definately something we plan to do again!

(In order--mine, Char and Dave's, Curtis')

Here are Dave and Charity with their victory pineapple! Congratulations!

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