Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Of Mice and Men

Yesterday Charity found a cute little mouse out in the garage. Dave captured it in a small box, and we let the kids enjoy it for a bit. Arden asked if we could let it run around the house for a while. Charity's response to that was a rather emphatic "no!." Unfortunately, after we transferred the mouse to a larger box so the kids could see it better, it escaped out of a tiny hole in the bottom. Maile burst into tears, repeating over and over, "I want a mouse, Mommy" in a very heartbroken way. Yeah Maile, I'm sure Haiku would love a mouse.

So, Dave will probably hate me for sharing this, but I have to say, I love teasing him. He is so gullible. Either that, or I am a really good liar (A rather dubious distinction, I will admit!). Perhaps it is a combination of both. Apparently Charity doesn't tease him much, so he is "fresh material," as she says.
A couple weeks ago, they had bought a strawberry plant to plant in their planter box. The plant had a few flowers on it, but that was about it. Anyway, Charity and I had purchased some ripe strawberries from the store, and I thought it would be fun to play a little joke. I poked a hole with a toothpick in the top of one of the strawberries and pushed a little stem from Dave and Char's strawberry plant into the toothpick hole, so it looked like the strawberry had grown there. We left it for a few days until finally Dave noticed it. He just couldn't get over how fast that strawberry had grown there, and kept commenting wonderingly, "That's just incredible!" until Charity and I could not contain ourselves any more and busted up laughing. Then, I worried Dave quite a bit yesterday, when I told him the the beautiful rose bouquet on the table had been sent to Charity by one of her old high school sweethearts. Charity's face turned bright red at this point, which seemed to confirm my tale. Yes, Dave did look quite concerned! In reality, I had bought the bouquet from the grocery store on their after Valentine's day special. Hee Hee! This is fun. I will miss Dave when I go back home. Curtis knows me too well--he doesn't fall for my pranks quite as easily!

Love you, Dave! You're the greatest!

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