Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Of Valentine's and Kids

Valentine's Day was nice. Since Charity and Dave were off on their "Sweetheart Adventure," we basically had our family celebration on Sunday after church. The kids had all made each other nice Valentines. My favorite, though, were the Valentines that Ellie and Arden gave to Dave and Char. They had each wrapped up several kumquats in pieces of construction paper and given these little packages to them. (We had gotten the kumquats from the experimental gardens at the extension service a few days previously--no one liked them.)

So, I have also been wanting to write down a couple of cute "kid things." Enjoy!

There are quite a few cattle guards in the area. I told the kids that when the car drives over them, they are supposed to lift up their feet so they don't fall in. Apparently they didn't quite understand what I was saying, because now they call them "camel guards" anytime they see one. Watch out for the roaming camels, folks!

Arden and Ellie have very much been enjoying the little preschool Charity and I do for them. They are both doing quite well at learning letters and their sounds. A few days before Curtis came to visit, we were going for a family walk around the lake and Arden commented, "I am so excited for 'D' to come!" (Meaning Dad, of course.)

Maile has had a cold for a while, so I have periodically been giving her medicine. She kept coming up to me and saying, "I need some medicine, Mom, I have the hiccoughs!"

Charity passed this next one on to me--I didn't hear it personally, but I thought it was way cute. The kids were all sitting down to breakfast the other day. Apparently little Ellie was getting tired of hearing whatever Arden had to say to her, so she remarked, "I don't want to hear it anymore. You guys are making me seasick almost!"

Ellie came downstairs in tears a few days ago, crying and carrying on about how Maile had hit her. She was sad and fussed for probably a good five minutes, until finally I asked her why Maile had hit her in the first place. Her tearful response? "We were playing war."

Oh, how I love my sweet kids and nieces and nephews. They truly bring so much joy and laughter to our lives.

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