Thursday, September 24, 2009

Of Apples and Buckeyes

What a fantastic fall day! After being at the hospital for six hours yesterday (yech!) I was anxious to get out with the kids and enjoy the best season of the year in Rexburg. We took a walk over to the gardens at BYU-I (abslolutly beautiful--I want a yard like that someday!) and then moseyed up to the orchard, where we filled a bag with apples. After paying for our apples, we then moseyed back to the gardens, found a nice spot by a waterfall and munched on muffins and apples together. It was so pleasant, and the kids were fantastic.

While walking Arden to school afterwards, we found a buckeye tree! It brought back memories from when I was a kid. I remember Ben and Charity and I had found a bunch of buckeyes somewhere, and we each had our private stash which we kept carefully hidden from the others. I remember I hid mine in the closet in the bathroom one day, and I was so mad when Ben unlocked the door, sneaked in, and found my hidden buckeyes, all without me having a clue! Grrrrr! Anyway, fun times, fun times. Arden and Maile picked up quite a few. Arden wanted to set up a stand and charge people a buck for a buckeye. I convinced him that it would be a much better idea to just give them to his friends. (-:

After dropping Arden off at school, Maile and I went over to our neighbor's to do her hair and nails. She is the sweetest lady, but she has alzheimers, so she doesn't get out much. It was so fun to have Maile help me shampoo her hair and stuff--Maile also did a great job on the nails, as well. (Although I will admit it is a good thing we used clear polish!) I love my little sweetheart!

Anyway, it was a fun day, although I still have mounds of clean laundry to fold. Maybe I'll just do it tomorrow...

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