Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Of New Babies and New Cars

Uh-oh...the guilt is starting to set in! I have so much been enjoying reading other people's blog postings, and I have sadly neglected to update my own as often as I should. Granted, August has been quite a busy month with Cherstin's wedding and various other things, so I guess I have a bit of an excuse...

In the most exciting news, I have a new niece on the Hardin side! She is a beautiful little thing, too. I am sad I don't live closer so I can do a better job of spoiling her! Oh well, I will take what I can get. We were lucky enough to be down in the Salt Lake area this past weekend buying a car, so I got to see the baby a couple of times, which was delightful. The first time we went over it was pretty late at night and the kids were quite wound up and jumping all over the place. Later, 3 year old Maile commented that Uncle Devin's baby (Every uncle is uncle Devin) seemed "nervous." Hmmm...I wonder why!

Oh yes, so we are now the proud owners of a new mini-van. Well, used, if you want to get technical. It is a 2008 Dodge Caravan. It is black with tinted windows. Ammon commented that if the mafia were to have a van, that would be it! We all love it, and think it will suit our growing family quite well for the next several years.

In other news, for posterity's sake, since this blog will eventually be printed out as a family journal, just a note on this pregnancy (#3). It has been the easiest by far in terms of morning sickness, but there are some complications that have arisen which necessitate weekly trips to the hospital (hence the need for a second vehicle), 2-3X per month blood transfusions to the baby, and a 30-40% chance of getting toxemia. Again. I was chuckling to myself, because after tomorrow, I will have been to the hospital four times in three days. Sigh... It's all good though. How grateful I am for good doctors...and medical insurance!

Anyway, life is good. I love this time of year.


Charity said...

You poor thing! I wish we lived closer so I could help you out with the kids and stuff. I hope you have friends that will pitch in for that. We'll just keep praying that everything goes as well as possible!

Cathy Marlor said...

Congrats on the mafia mini-van - ha ha. I hope your pregnancy (#3) goes as well as possible too. You have a wonderful attitude (as always). When are you due?

Kestrel said...

Medical insurance rocks. We would have been in big trouble without it - Toby and his birth cost almost $100,000. I had a friend who didn't have insurance and her baby was in the NICU for almost a year... their cost got up to around $5 million before the state of California stepped in and forgave their debt or something. Yikes.