Sunday, January 16, 2011

Of Candles and Ties

We were cooking a "nicer" dinner the other day and for a change in pace, I told the kids that we should get our stemmed glasses out to drink with. Arden glommed onto that idea and wanted to go whole hog and have a fancy "restaurant" dinner. I sent the kids off for baths before dinner while our halibut and yams were cooking and made up fancy menus on the computer. Arden wandered in from his bath, and to my surprise, he had put on his white Sunday shirt, and gotten all decked out in his tie, vest, and slacks as well, all of his own accord! I decided if he was going to go to that length for dinner, I'd better change out of my teeshirt and exercise shorts, too! Anyway, we all got dressed up and had a delightful dinner. I was the waitress.


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AC said...

I love you guys!