Sunday, January 16, 2011

Of Papers in a Jar

So, I occasionally hear or read about families that have great dinner conversations and use that time as a good learning tool. It has made me feel like our dinner-times are sadly lacking. We talk about...well, really, nothing! I am trying to feed the baby, the kids are usually complaining about the food, and Curtis and I are just trying to eat in between all that, not really thinking about much other then getting the kids on to bed so we can clean up and have a bit of time to ourselves. SO, in an effort to remedy that, last week I thought we would make a "conversation jar." I got on the internet and found like 15 pages of journal topics and questions. I printed the list off, then cut all the questions into strips, which I placed into a jar. Each night at dinner, we get out our jar and each person picks a strip of paper out of it which they, and anyone else who wants to, answer. It is a fun way to find out more about each other, especially the kids. We think we know them from spending most of our time with together, but it is kinda neat to hear their opinions on things we would never think to ask them about!

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