Sunday, March 6, 2011

Of Mean Parents

Apparently Curtis and I are pretty mean parents. At least, Maile is sure to inform us of that fact that several times a day. Yes, it is true, AND our kids are deprived because we have never before bought them tickets to an amusement park. Nope, if our kids want to go to an amusement park, they have to EARN it. Anyway, sometime after we moved here to Carlsbad, Curtis challenged the kids to read 1000 books. The reward for achieving that goal was season passes to Legoland, which is conveniently located in the city we live in. Of course, anyone who knows of Curtis' love of Legos will know that it wasn't really for the kids' enjoyment, it was for his, but, I digress. Well, we finally reached our goal a few days ago. We read 1000 books as a family, and we got the tickets! We've been twice so far, and the kids love it.


I am undecided as to whether I enjoy it or not. To me, the lines and crowds and $$ spent on silly things epitomize the rat race, which I hate. However, it is fun to see the smiles and hear the laughter on kids' faces, and it is a fun family activity. Anyway, I'm sure the kids will enjoy it!


Toshi said...

Good way:) When I was in Mission Office, my mission president told one of his son to read three books the president chose, and he had to write one page summary to his father for each book. For the reward, he got some money for a trip. So he earned it... Anyway, I think if you keep it something with learning experience, that would be good:)

Rebecca and Cody said...

Oh, Maile told me and Cody that all the time. Mostly me. I was so mean! Every time I told her to brush her teeth, or go to bed, or pick up her toys, etc. :) Living with you was good practice for being a mom someday.