Sunday, March 13, 2011

OF Tuna and Cucumbers

The other day we took a spontaneous fieldtrip on some trails nearby our house. We were hunting for the tops of cactus, which we learned are called "tuna." I have always wanted to try them. Apparently one can make all sorts of things with them--syrup, juice, candy, etc. We found several juicy looking ones, and despite minimal injuries and perhaps a small amount of blood, we managed to bag seven or eight of them.

Enoch de-spiked them....

cut them up...

boiled them with sugar and attemted to make cactus candy. We have yet to try it, but it looks yummy!

Enoch also found this interesting looking bit of flora, which we identified as a wild cucumber, if our internet sources were correct. (Not edible...well, according to most of the sources we read, anyway.)
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Charity said...

Was it any good? I always wanted to try that when we lived in AZ but never got around to it.