Sunday, March 6, 2011

Of More Prisons then Grocery Stores

Last week, the kids and I trucked over to our little Coastal Academy (our homeschool "umbrella"), where we got to view many different displays from American History, presented by the young teenaged kids from said academy. We also got to sample some foods from different cultures at the "immigration station," and watch a few little plays the kids had put together of various battles from history. It was quite delightful, however, the highlight for me was getting to hear from a black lady that had actually been heavily involved in the civil rights movement. It was so interesting and touching hearing of her experiences, and I'll admit to becoming a little teary eyed during parts of her narrative. She said she had been in more prisons then the kids had grocery stores, she had been shot at, spit on, dragged through the streets...Wow! The kids and I had just been listening to the American Girl books on CD of Addy, who was a (fictional) black girl who had escaped slavery and gone to Philidelphia for freedom, only to discover that "freedom ain't free." There was still great oppression, even being in a "free" society. I am so grateful for people who have had, and still have, the courage to stand up for what is right, even if it causes great personal pain. I hope I am that kind of person, and I hope I can teach my kids to be that kind of person, because I can pretty much guarantee there will be political conflict again in their lifetimes, and because of our personal beliefs and values, my guess is that they probably won't end up being on the politically correct side.


AC said...

I'm astounded at your "us vs them" mentality, such an attitude contributes to the division that we see in the nation today.

Shouldn't we advocate freedom and tolerance?

K La said...

Yes! We should! Freedom, tolerance, agency, acceptance. On BOTH sides. You want to live your life a certain way? Great. I want to live my life differently? Great. I won't attack you and you better not call me un-american. Attacking me for my beliefs is wrong, just like me attacking you for your beliefs is wrong. This is NOT a repeat of the civil rights movement, this is very, very different.

Anna Marie said...

Aaron, I am confused. I re-read through my post thinking I may have committed some terrible faux pas, but I didn't see anything that anyone would have considered objectionable. Could you clarify please? Exactly what "us vs. them" are you referring to?