Sunday, December 25, 2011

Momma Boot Camp

Well, it has been pretty much a perfect Christmas day, other then the fact that I ate exorbitant amounts of candy, chips and chocolate and way too many greasy fish sticks. I feel slightly bloated and gross at the moment. This evening I surreptitiously went around the house digging in everyone's Christmas loot boxes for all the junk food, which I put in a big grocery sack and hid in a closet. I am hoping out of sight, out of mind.

Tomorrow, I have decided we are going to start "momma boot camp."

I am ready to get a "running" start on things with some healthy bran muffin batter in the fridge, ready to pop in the oven for breakfast, then we are going to eat as healthy as we can all day, and do lots of different exercise-y type things. (I am pretty sure that is a word.)

Well...that is my vision anyhow. Hopefully it will go over o.k. with the family! If there is any complaining, "Drop to the ground and give me 10! Grrrr!"

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