Sunday, December 25, 2011

Of Historical Illumination

One of the goals I set for myself over this Christmas holiday was to listen to all of the Glenn Beck University history lectures. So far I have only gotten through the first three lectures, and can I just say, I am impressed. They are AMAZING! I love that everything that Professor Barton says is backed up by original documents--he's not just spouting his opinion. I would invite all Patriots to take the time this year to watch these wonderful lectures, especially considering 2012 is, of course, a big election year. I know you will be inspired, and the things you learn may very well change your life.

(They have a free two week trial, if you want to do a "marathon!")


AC said...

Anna, it would be wise not to take anything that comes from Glen Beck seriously, but if you must, at least research out reality and not just take his word for things.

Anna Marie said...

Aaron, the thing I love about Glenn Beck is that he prides himself on being able to provide proof and documentation about everything he says. His claim is that even if he thinks something is true but he can't back it up with proof, he doesn't air it. I like that. Before you comment on these videos I am recommending, watch them first and you will see exactly what I mean--everything the professor says is backed up by QUOTES from and/or scans of ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS which they SHOW you. That is what I am talking about. I want proof of stuff--not the biased opinions of most of the other media nowadays.

Anna Marie said...
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