Sunday, December 25, 2011

Richard Eyre

About a month ago, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a lecture given by the man in this photo--Richard Eyre.

He and his wife have nine kids, they founded the popular "joy school" program, have written numerous books, including the New York Times' bestseller "Teaching Your Children Values," and travel worldwide lecturing and teaching parents how to become better parents and raise responsible kids who have strong values.

Anyway, after hearing what he had to say about kids and entitlement, I was fascinated, as entitlement in any form (other then God-given "entitlements") is one of my pet peeves. Immediately after the symposium was over, I went to his book signing at Barnes and Noble and bought his book, The Entitlement Trap.

Again, an AMAZING book. I love his humorous stories, and his down to earth style of writing. Not only was it a fun read, but it was chock full of wonderful ideas. As I read, I marked the things I really liked, and after finishing the book, wrote down an entire page of ideas from his book that I would like to implement into our family life over the next year. on the lookout in blogs to come for some great ideas from Richard Eyre and his lovely wife! If you just can't wait, I would highly recommend just purchasing his book. It is one of those buys that I feel is worth every penny. Even if your kids are still really young, it might be nice to get a jump on things. One of the things I do love about his book, though, is that it is geared towards training grade-school-aged kids. Get 'em while they're young!

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