Sunday, March 11, 2012

In Love With My Tupperware!

Do you ever just get so sick and tired of having a gazillion tupperware containers and a gazillion lids, none of which match?!

I did.

Last week I went from this.... this! (Obviously my labels are for my old tupperware.) I put all my assorted tupperware into a bag, which I will be getting rid of.

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I found the above awesome sets of tupperware for three bucks each at Wal-Mart over by the plastic baggies and saran wrap and stuff. They have attached lids (YES!), are microwave and top rack dishwasher safe, and completely recyclable. The large ones come in a set of seven, the mediums a set of nine, and the smalls in a set of 14. They are not super heavy duty, but hey, for most of my needs, they are perfect!!!

Well...what are you waiting for? Simplify your life a little more and go get some!

And just throw away your old ones--don't try to keep them, or it will become another jumbled mess! (Or you can recycle them, or better yet, give them away with dinners!)


Job and Rachael said...

Woohoo, that looks great! I love that feeling of getting organized! I have been slowly building my glass container collection (they are sadly expensive) but I love it. I love the idea of giving away the old stuff with dinners!

e.a.s. said...

At least you own tupperware! Maybe it's all those times using cereal bowls and saran wrap growing up, but I too love my tupperware and my glass bowls with lids. Real Storage!