Sunday, March 18, 2012

Casino Goers

So, I know people are probably tired of reading about our cruise stuff, but I just had to share a thought I had.

Curtis and I were on the first floor of the ship, and as such, we were slated to be among the first group to disembark after the cruise. As Curtis and I were standing in line awaiting our turn however, there was a large group of people who had paid extra to be allowed to disembark before us. The stewardess told us they were a group who had come primarily to play on the casinos (the casino area was also the only area on the ship that allowed smoking.). As these people were getting off the ship, I was just quietly observing (yes, I am a big people watcher!). Most of them seemed to be overweight, sallow faced, and dull-eyed.

In contrast, we ran into several LDS couples on our trip. I've always heard that you could often pick LDS people out of a crowd, but I didn't realize how true that was until we were on the ship. There was such a contrast between the LDS people we met and the drinkers/smokers/partiers. In fact, one evening, we were sitting down for a show and this couple walked in front of us to take a seat. I leaned over to Kayla and said, "What do you bet that couple is LDS?" Kayla went over to ask them, and sure enough, they were!

Anyway, as I was watching the casino goers exit the ship, it occurred to me how grateful I am for the gospel, in particular the Word of Wisdom given by the Lord in the Doctrine and Covenants. It just brightens people's countenances and puts a twinkle in their eye!


The Wild Bunch said...

And FYI, totally oblivious to you two discussing that couple possibly being LDS, I was thinking the same thing when they walked past.
Makes me wonder what people see when they see me.

AC said...

Because, of course, only mormon people can be healthy and abstain from drinking/smoking/gambling...