Saturday, January 24, 2009

Of Birthdays and Fake Flowers

Ahhhh....I am the big 29! At any rate, I will be tomorrow, but we celebrated today. What a delightful day it has been too, although I really wish Curtis was here! It just feels like he should be here, hanging out with us! Soon, though, soon!

Anyway, we took a picnic lunch out to a place called Madeira Canyon and hiked up the mountain with the kids (until we couldn't stand them whining about how tired their legs were anymore--even despite all the "power beans" I fed them!). The weather was absolutely beautiful, and the canyon, surprisingly for Arizona, was as well. (Sorry Arizona--I love your weather but your scenery in general is quite barren.)

When we got home, for my birthday dinner, Charity cooked this AMAZING pork recipe and coconut rice...mmmm...and then we had angel food cake for dessert, followed by presents. Earlier, Charity had taken the kids to the dollar store and let them pick out a present for me--so cute! My favorite was the hideous pink fabric roses that Arden gave me, which apparently he could not be talked out of once he saw. He is such a sweetheart. Ever since he was just a little guy, he has always picked little flowers he has found (usually weeds, actually) and given them to me as a little "I love you." What wonderful kids I have!

To end the night, Dave, Char, and I played a couple games of Settlers and jammed out to some great music. All in all, a fantastic end to a fantastic day.

Thanks Charity and Dave for a wonderful birthday!

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K la said...

Happy Birthday!!