Monday, January 26, 2009

Of Dalliences with Elderly Men

Well, despite turning 29 (and Charity soon to turn 26), it is nice to know that we have not lost "it" yet. Today was our shopping day, and Charity had run into one of the grocery stores while I stayed out in the car with our kids. Apparently as she was eyeballing the tangerines, an elderly gentleman with a cane in his cart came up to her an asked, "If I learn to walk again, would you run away with me?" Charity politely replied that she would consider it.

I guess it was just our day for compliments from old guys, because a few minutes later, I was pushing all three of the kids around in a cart at Wal-mart and another elderly guy came up to me and said, "No wonder you look so fit and slender!" Ahhhh, what a nice thing for someone to say after having just turned 29! I just love old people! They are delightful!

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